DJ Tiger was born in Glen Cove, New York. At 3 years old he moved to Greenlawn (Huntington) and started to develop an ear for music at an early age due to his parents listening to music around the house such as The Ohio Players, Johnny Mathis, Diana Ross and others. At around 16 years old he started mixing  records on his father's old Lafayette turntable by connecting it to his boombox and started making 'pause tapes' and then eventually mixtapes. At 18 he bought his first turntables (Gemini) and started dj local parties. He soon became one of the most sought after Dj for parties in Huntington and other towns on Long Island. 

   Dj Tiger also worked with several companies that were connected to the Hip Hop live show scene and has opened up and/or Djed with artists such as Busta Rhymes, Dj KaySlay, Styles P, Epmd, Chubb Rock, Dj Mr Cee, Keith Murray, and Dj Diamond. Dj Tiger also was part of an underground hip hop radio show called 'Battlezone Radio'  (WUSB fm Stonybrook, NY) where he interviewed and worked with artists such as Bumpy Knuckles, Dj Evil Dee, Breakbeat Lou Flores, Dj Mellstarr and many more.

   In 2017,  Dj Tiger started to dj on an online radio station, Fullblastradio, to the masses. It has since grown organically with loyal followers and a group of people aptly named 'The Fullblast Radio Tribe', a team of loyal and good friends that have been supporting Dj Tiger and also play an intrical part of making sure Dj tiger sets himself apart from all the rest.