Police brutality... & when people start fighting back

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Coming soon to America !!! (MUST WATCH, very informative) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHSX0SEO5lg&list=UU69f1LTNsmZfPuK76S5aqjw I made a mistake with the music... forgive me or send me some rope so i can hang my self, hahhhaha, was one of my first uploads, we all make mistakes, live with it for now, was my bad and i learned from it Who really needs the police? except the rich who relly on the police to keep the workforce in line through constant fear tactics and the use of force on weak defenceless victims, well .... not all of us are defencelesss Tags: Top Secret Obama World War Illuminati Antichrist Conspiracy president usa america martial law fema camps beast mark 666 tribulations hell Alien UFO Planet Nibiru Asteroid Meteorite Comet Impact prophecy revelations apocalypse 2012 end time secret underground paranormal space world earth cataclysm mayan Germany Europe Rothchilds Freemason Banking National Socialism Nazi World War Communism International Jews Protocols of the Learned Elders Zion Fiat Money Debt Slavery America Britain Poland Russia Italy Spain Propaganda Army Federal Reserve Libretarian Truther NWO Iran Israel Christian Zionism United States Economy Politics Voice Reason Radio Science Medicine Health Unemployment Friedrich Nietzsche philosopher Palestine Arab Spring Jonathan Bowden New Right Richard Spencer Alt radio President FD Roosevelt

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