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Repost from Demetrius clayborne: Dear #Rza, Peace to the God. I had the pleasure of meeting you in 2012 during the “#ManWithTheIronFist” Tour in Detroit; I was one of the individuals responsible for promoting your event. With all due respect, I must say that I was very disturbed by your comments in regards to black youth and their choice of style/dress as it relates to police brutality. A man of your intelligence and experience can’t possibly think that the way our youth dress will change how they are perceived by law enforcement. Surely you must know that logic only applies to the workforce, and even then it isn’t full proof. How can you make such statements when in the 90s you, Power, and your associates fed us #WuWear; making millions as we ate it religiously. Hoodies, denim, shoes, t-shirts, colorful button ups with bees on them and countless other ‘street’ and ‘hip hop’ fashion came directly from the Wu brand; your brand. You never sold us suits nor told us to button our shirts up because that was not the brand you were selling. I get the concept of growth and development however you should be careful in the words you choose to convey the message of your newfound understanding. #WuTangClan helped born a generation of army fatigue wearing, hoodie rocking, Timberland boots sporting, hip hop lovers who never stepped foot on #NewYorkCity soil; and now you condemn the product of the same people you helped create? Brother we grew up and had children of our own and guess what…we played YOUR music for them. We showed them YOUR videos. Why? Because you were one of the few who weren’t sending negative messages to us so we knew it was safe for our children. Now you are telling us that the same image you advocated and made you the wealthy man that you are today is contributing to the rise in police brutality and senseless black death? Well if that’s true then you too my brother are directly responsible for the murder of our lost young brothers and sisters. You cannot play both sides of the fence whenever it is convenient for you and we as black people can no longer have an open door policy for people who get rich and and famous then switch channels on us.

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