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In just days, the #Republican presidential debate will be hosted in Charleston, #SouthCarolina — the same city where #DylannRoof murdered nine Black parishioners at the #MotherEmmanuelAMEchurch. Yet not a single candidate has disavowed the support of known white supremacists or agreed to stop preaching the same fear, hate, and resentment of people of color that continue to inspire future DylannRoofs or the armed white right-wing militia currently holed up in #Oregon. #DonaldTrump and the #GOP candidates have egged on white nationalists with their fiery speeches and advertisements filled with violent language — inspiring a rise in membership for white #supremacist groups and driving a huge spike in the number of white terror #militia groups.1 2 Even more alarmingly, #Trump now has white power foot soldiers stumping for him, blanketing #Iowa with robocalls and raising countless dollars through their super PACs. For months (even years), politicians and pundits have pedaled #extremist, #xenophobic, and #bigoted ideologies masquerading as legitimate political rhetoric and then played dumb when their words incited the verbal and physical abuse of Black and Brown people and the murder of #PlannedParenthood workers. Those that continue to stay silent and cash in on the hysteria also have blood on their hands. Yet Trump says #TavisSmiley is a racist. Nuff fkin said. #FUCKDONALDTRUMP.

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