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i wanna talk about eating clean real quick, and not in the condescending, annoying way that attempts to shove my food views down your throat. i actually still subscribe to a very cultural diet of lots of rice & beans, the fried chicken, the bread, the extra butter extra seasoning extraness that gives our cuisine all that flavor (and unfortunately, diabetes, obesity & high cholesterol, too). i'm not vegan, vegetarian, or anything like that, & actually struggle to make better meal choices daily. however, there are huge systematic issues going on that trickle down to our plates, and that's what i want to highlight. like how it is a fact that healthier food options aren't made as available in low-income communities; your local bodega will be stocked with all the twinkies & Doritos in the world, but lack nutritious alternatives. or how the majority of what the American public consumes is not food, but food-like material, containing dangerous levels of chemicals that are banned in several other countries. because in America, MAKING MONEY is valued over PUBLIC HEALTH. i know that people choose to eat what they eat for all kinds of reasons, some religious, medical, geographical, the list goes on; i have no desire to influence your diet, but to shed light on the fact that our grocery store aisles are filled with corruption and greed. you can watch the documentary "FED UP" to learn more about the sugar addiction cycle that funds the business, the government's role in allowing unsafe, unhealthy products to be sold & how the food industry truly does not give a FUCK about you.

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