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On a #ThrowBackThursday Some hip hop history we might be witnessing!! Check this shit out from @djscratch !!!! : The craziest dopest thing happened last night. The video I posted of me cutting "#DaisyLady" is also on my Instagram. But on Instagram you only get 15 seconds so I have the video looping perfectly on beat. So as people are commenting @LLCoolJ commented on the video. He usually comments on something he likes, but this time he said "Yo this beat makes me wanna spit some rhymes". So he started spitting verses in my comments & we were losing it!!! If you have Instagram go to my most recent post & read thru the comments. He was going in!!! Go to @djscratch (#TurntableWhisperer) #tbt #LLCOOLJ #DjScratch

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