It's Deadpool, Suckas

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From @ladydeadpoolpwnz - Whoa whoa whoa! Guess WHAT! I'm having a mad-sweet giveaway, to celebrate how much I love you guys! With stuff! That's right! STUFF. It comes with my 2 funko pop boyfriends (spiderman and Deadpool), who forgot about our anniversary, so they're gone. It also comes with a tee shirt, a button, a deadpool themed belt, a poster, 3 comic books personal, favorite hand gun! THATS RIGHT. I love you so much I'm going to give it to you. It also comes with a dryer sheet. "Why would I need a dryer sheet?" You might ask. I answer "because you need to smell damn good, all the time!" Boom! Here are the rules: 1. Repost this picture 2. Tag me in it (follow me or some shit, I don't know) 3. Throw in a #ladydeadpoolpwnzgiveaway in ya hashtags 4. Tell me what you would love to see on this account. #alwaysimproving 5. One post per day! Celebrate with me! One lucky winner will be selected on August 15th! Good luck, you sexy creature, you. #ladydeadpool #ladydeadpoolcosplay #ladydeadpoolpwnzgiveaway #deadpool #deadpoolcosplay #marvel #marvelcomics #marveluniverse #spiderman #spiderverse #spidatitties #tittysprinkles #bootytickle #morganfreeman #beyonceisokayiguess #elephantshavefacedicks #justinbeiberisalizard #antman #bootytickle

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