Its WuWednseday!

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"Killa bees sold 50 gold, 60 platinum..." One of my prized possessions. The multiplatinum plaque from the "Wu-Tang Forever" Album. ***I had nothing to do with the development of this album...This was given to me as a gift from friends at Sterling Sound Studio some years back.**** This album mean so much to me. It came out when I was a senior in high school and at the peak of my "Wu-Ness" ...Thanks to a family friend, I was able to sit in for the mastering of this album and meet a lot of the Wu. It was incredible. I sat there studying each member's every move and hung onto every word that came out of their mouths whether they knew that I was there or not. I studied Ghostface's outfit for an hour. He was always my favorite and I was trying to get my layering game up like him. I'm actually laughing as I'm writing this....My love for Wu has never faded and I continue to listen to this album and many of their other projects on daily basis. It gives me that feeling that most music today just can't provide me with. I try to explain Wu to some young kids at times and they just don't get it. They have no idea what they missed. I truly feel fortunate to have grown up in the Tri-State area where we had access to an abundance of real hip hop that I see as timeless. I always had to catch Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels ...Rap City with Joe Clair and Big Lez.... Had to actually listen to the radio because Hot 97 actually played real hip hop! The "Hot 5 at 9"was actually HOT. Battle of the Beats was always a must. It broke so many classic records....That era for me is what I consider "The Essence". From #Wu to #Redman to #Nas to #BIG to #Jay to #SmifnWessun to #BlackMoon to #Tribe to #MobbDeep to #GangStarr....I can go on and on... Too many. If it wasn't for their music I would not be making all of clothing that I have been inspired to create today. Salute to the legends! 👐👐👐👐#wutang #wutangforever #wuwednesday #jordan6 #theessence #theessence1979 #kicksoftheday #oreo6s #jordans #triumph @methodmanofficial @raekwon @realcappadonna @realghostfacekillah @ugod_zilla #90sFlow #classichiphop #classicalbum #newyorkcity #nyc #shaolin #90shiphop

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