Jack Thriller To 40 Glocc: Drop Lawsuit Against Game

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"This is a really bad time to be a police officer," Thriller says in regards to police brutality.

Comedian Jack Thriller visited the Rapping With Lieberman show and discussed his upcoming $1 million boxing match with 40 Glocc. During the conversation, Thriller advised 40 to drop his lawsuit against Compton emcee, the Game which stemmed from an altercation at a Hollywood mansion in 2012.

“That’s what really fucked his whole career up is suing the Game,” Thriller said. “That’s what makes people automatically put him in the villainous state. This is a situation for him to be able to redeem himself in this fight because he’s fighting a comedian. There’s no loss for me in this. It’s definitely a win-win for me because if I win, I’m the shit. And even if I lose, I’m the comedian with one eye that loss to 40 Glocc. Nobody ain’t gonna really look down upon me. So I’ll just tell him, go train hard, drop that case, and goddamn bring your A-game because I’m bringing all of mine. We ain’t friends when we’re fighting on the [July 25].”

When asked by host Jon Lieberman what 50 Cent thought of the battle with 40 Glocc, Jack Thriller said the G-Unit captain thought it was “hilarious.”

“I talked to 50 Cent today about it,” Thriller said. “He thought it was hilarious and he’s definitely going to be at the fight.”


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