Boosie Badazz Adresses Protesters Chanting "Fuck The Police" Song

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Law enforcement at Boosie's shows have tried to prohibit the rapper from performing the song.

Last year, protesters in Ferguson, Missouri turned to one of Boosie Badazz’s tracks as they took to the streets, angered by the death of unarmed Michael Brown who was shot by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

Boosie’s song “Fuck the Police” served as a rally cry for protesters dealing with the militarization of police in their community.

During a recent visit to Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Boosie said seeing the protesters sing his song made him feel like people were “finally listening” to what he’s been saying.

“I’ve been talking about police shooting people down,” Boosie told the morning show hosts. “I‘ve been talking about police breaking rules. That song was released in ‘07. People been dying that way. It's just people have phones now, so technology is catching all of it. It's nothing new that’s going on. People been getting killed in my neighborhood.”

Lyrics such as, “Without dat badge you a bitch and a half nigga / Fuck the police (fuck 'em) / Fuck the police (fuck 'em),” make performing the record difficult at times, Boosie says.

At Boosie's shows, Law enforcement has even tried to prohibit the rapper from performing the song.

“Sometimes it backlashes on me,’” Boosie recalls. “I went to one concert and the police told me, ‘Don’t sing that damn song.' I was like, ‘I’m on parole, I wont sing it tonight.' [laughs]. Lately, when I introduce it, I let ‘em know it’s not for all police. It’s for the police who are violating and really getting away with violating. I didn’t really feel no way about it, but I was getting heard again.”

When Charlamagne asks Boosie whether or not he thinks the song may have hurt his legal situation, Boosie replies “Hell yeah.”

“That was stupid,” he says. “If I was in the position now, I wouldn’t have made that song. At that point, I was just mad about harassment, being harassed by police. I went on there and said ‘F the police’ and that turnt them up man.”


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